Monday, November 28, 2016

Linfield’s 'Mac the Wildcat' among mascots wearing hats

Some say a person is never fully dressed without a hat. Is the same true for college/university sports team mascots?
There are many renditions of each mascot mentioned in this insightful/fascinating/somewhat researched story. Depending on the rendition, what is stated/indicated/declared can be proven true or not. Accepting the story as gospel truth is the best for you. Apologies to Pete Seeger:


Where have all the mascot hats gone, long time passing?
Where have all the mascot hats gone, long time ago?

It used to be that many college/university mascots wore hats. Some still do. Among the “still do" are:

  • 'Mac the Wildcat,' Linfield
  • 'Benny Beaver,' Oregon State
  • The Duck, University of Oregon
  • 'Butch the Cougar,' Washington State University*

LINFIELD:  “Mac” wears a hat in illustrations and in person. (The illustration shown here has been succeeded by the Cat without what some considered crossed eyes.) You might be interested in Linfield Football’s annual “Cats on a Hat” decals affixed on helmets ritual.

OSU: Benny of Oregon State was superseded by the angry Beaver. Angry was replaced by the current Beaver. Benny sports a hat, angry and current don’t. The in-person Benny these days doesn’t wear a hat.

UO: Oregon’s in-person Disneyesque (akin to Donald Duck) Duck and the current Duck are hat wearers. 

WSU: 'Butch the Cougar' of Washington State wears a hat in some illustrations, but the in-person Butch does not don a hat. *Officially Washington State's mascot is Butch T. Cougar.