Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ad Rutschman: 2014 Dragging the Gut Festival grand marshal in McMinnville!

Ad Rutschman, former Linfield coach and athletic director, is grand marshal of McMinnville's 2014 "Dragging the Gut" Festival. 

And, the late (died Oct. 20, 2013, in McMinnville) Ezra Koch is memorialized with his name on the festival's car show. 

The festival is set for Friday-Saturday Aug. 22-23, 2014. 

There will be a no-host kick-off cruise 7 p.m.-midnight Friday and formal cruising 5 p.m.-midnight Saturday. Cruising is on McMinnville’s famous downtown Third Street. 

Starting at 7 p.m. Saturday, grand marshal Ad and his wife, Joan Rutschman, will cruise as passengers in a mid-1960s red Cadillac, according to Ruben Contreras Jr., festival organizer. Plan to be in the crowd on both sides of Third Street to exchange waves with the Rutschmans!

The Ezra Koch Car Show precedes (noon-5 p.m. Saturday in the parking lot of McMinnville's St. James Catholic Church) the Saturday cruise. 

Grand Marshal Rutschman has been a member of the National Football Foundation's College Football Hall of Fame since 1998.  Read about his many honors here and about the festival here

Ad, who coached Linfield Wildcat teams to national titles in baseball and football), Joan (long-time Linfield assistant to the athletic director and athletics tickets manager) and Ez (who served many years as Linfield football time-keeper/scoreboard operator) are Linfield Hall of Famers. Ad is a 1954 Linfield grad. Through action of the Linfield Alumni Association, Joan is an honorary member of the Class of 1954. 

Unrelated postscript: Linfield College's school colors are cardinal and purple.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Lawn Mower Racer Randy Marshall

As an athlete at Mill City's Santiam High School, Linfield College and for the NFL Atlanta Falcons, Randy Marshall was ultra-competitive.

It's been a "few" years since Randy's prep, college and pro exploits, but his sporting competitive juices still flow.

But, you might not guess the sport occupies some of Randy’s time when he's not operating 1,700-acre RD Marshall Ranch in Wamic, 40 miles south of The Dalles, where he runs 250 cows-calves and raises wheat and hay.

The sport is Lawn Mower Racing.

Randy is a key organizer of the Sportsman's Grasscar Racing Association which operates, according to its website, for the entertainment of the general public as a family friendly activity. Funds earned by the association are donated to the Wamic Rural Fire Protection District and other non-profit organizations.

Perhaps not well known in the U.S. West, it's a national sport especially popular in the country's Midwest and South. Competition takes place on tracks outside and in  covered facilities.

And, by the way, although these racing machines are called lawn mowers, there's no lawn mowed in competition.

Take a look at this slide show. Then, look at the video to easily understand that when Randy's at the wheel of his lawn mower his competitive juices still flow!

Credits: Still photos from Randy Marshall Racing. YouTube-posted video by Gage Garrison from Prairie City MeMOWrial Day Classic Mower Races 05/26/13 B/P Class heat Race #2 in Rancho Cordova, Calif. Randy finished first in that heat.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Maxwell Field re-turfing continues 7/29/2014 morning

Morning of 7/29/2014, Linfield Maxwell Field re-turfing project continued. See Wildcatville photos in slideshow. An interesting aspect of the work was an installer trimming around letters in end zone (and presumably elsewhere) using a pair of large electric shears.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Muddy Maxwell Memories

First some history. Maxwell Field was the first (real) grass football field in the Northwest Conference. Before that teams in the conference played on dirt.

Now, (summer 2014) the second "FieldTurfed" Maxwell Field is installed. It'll be fun to see Cat football action on the new "rug" during the upcoming 2014 football season.

FieldTurf #1 had a 10-yard wide cardinal "L" at midfield. For FieldTurf #2, the "L" is still there, but it's purple. Linfield school colors are still cardinal (not red!) and purple, but purple is definitely the favorite of the two for Linfield Athletics.

While the days of Linfield home football games on real grass Maxwell Field are memories, Maxwell real grass lives on thanks to the foresight and initiative of the late, great Steve Davis, former Linfield football player and Linfield Athletics Hall of Famer.

When the real grass was removed from Maxwell prior to FieldTurf #1's installation during the spring and summer of 2004, Steve saved some of the sacred sod and it's planted and growing on your left as you enter Maxwell Field's secondary gate (on the far left hand side as you face the back of Memorial Stadium on Lever Street). Enter that gate. Look to the left and note the real grass.

And while admiring the real grass recall the many years when one of the fears of Wildcat football opponents playing late season football games versus the Wildcats on Maxwell Field was not only the well-coached Wildcat team, but also the mud and muck Maxwell Field could/would become after rain and games. (Also, who can forget that special Maxwell Field mud smell, too!?)

This bring back memories of the Ad Rutschman-coached Wildcats in the NAIA championship 1982 season. All three playoff games were in McMinnville, the first two (20-16 over Cal Luth and 37-9 over Westminster, Pa.) on Maxwell Field and the title contest (33-15 over William Jewell, Mo., at McMinnville High's Wortman Stadium because, Maxwell Field was unplayable due to the mud.

 In Wildcatville’s opinion, secondary only to beating William Jewell for the title was the opening playoff game win over Cal Luth held Sat., Nov. 20, 1982 at Maxwell.

The Oregonian's John Nolen covered the game. His coverage included:

  • How could Linfield survive a record-smashing aerial blitz by (Cal Luth’s) Russ Jensen -- an incredible 437 yards -- and not allow the California Lutheran quarterback a single touchdown through the air? Linfield's bending, but not breaking defense pulled off the miracle in a wild mudbath.

  •  The rain and goo proved to be the great equalizer for both teams. Hard to believe with the stats Jensen achieved in the game. Trouble was, Jensen said after the game, "Every time I took the ball from center, I got a handful of mud with it."
Ah, those were the days, when Maxwell Field was such a quagmire it was sometimes hard to tell uniform numbers on players of either football team, but if you wanted to guess which team had the best chance of winning, pick the loveable "mudders" of Linfield.

Wildcatville has no photos from the aforementioned Cal Luth at Linfield 1982 football game. But, the YouTube-posted slideshow with this story of photos taken by Wildcatville during the Nov. 15, 1975,  Willamette at Linfield football game on Maxwell Field, provides Muddy Maxwell Memories. f 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014

GIL HARGREAVES, Rest In Peace (1949-2014)

Top three photos from Gil's Aug. 9, 2014, memorial service in Salem at  Capital Park Wesleyan Church.


Gil died in Salem, Ore., in July 2014.

Wildcatville photos

Friday, July 04, 2014

Countdown to Wildcat football 2014 kickoff

Click here to see Linfield 
2014 football schedule.