Monday, December 15, 2014

Linfield Football 2014: Class and character

The 2014 Linfield Football team “should go down as one of the greatest ever. Despite all the challenges faced, it approached them with a class and character that stood above all of their opponents. In doing so, it made us so proud to be part of the Linfield ‘family’.

--Sonny Jepson: Linfield grad, Wildcat football letter winner

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Linfield Football season to remember ... for many reasons.

Wildcatville thanks Karen Metter.   Her photos of Linfield Football team tribute to the Moores
at UW-W Perkins Stadium 12/13/2014. 

Parker Moore #35 remembered by Linfielders before, during, after Linfield Football 12/13/2014 game at UW-W

Linfield Football team practice before 12/13/2014 game at UW-W

Wildcatville thanks Karen Metter for there photos.  Linfield Football team practicing before 12/13/2014 football game at UW-W.

Linfield Football fans at Buffalo Wild Wings Lloyd Center, Portland 12/13/2014

In addition to Linfield fans at the game in Whitewater, there were fans following action elsewhere, including at Buffalo Wild Wings at Lloyd Center, Portland. Sonny Jepson for Wildcatville photo.

Football final: UW-W 20, Linfield 14. Pixs off the tube 12/13/2014


Early in the game, before points were scored, ESPN had it as UW-W 9, Linfield 3.

Perkins Stadium at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 12/13/2014 prior to Linfield @ UW-W football game.

Exclusive Wildcatville photos by Jon & Maria Girod