Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hail to BWC!

videoAre we guilty of taking some things for granted? If so, let the Bar West Classic/BWC not be one of them. Wildcatville joins others who enjoy BWC's efforts year after year. Our Linfield-related lives are enriched by what Steve and Gil created and their team produces. Hail to BWC!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Catball practice 3/27/2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015

What we see. What we'd like to see.

What we see on McMinnville’s Northeast Adams Street (99W) near Northeast First Street. (It’s about a two minute drive from this sign to the Linfield campus.) What we’d like to see. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ad Rutschman: Mentor to Mike Riley, Nebraska head football coach

In the Omaha World-Herald of about March 10, 2015, Mike Riley, new Nebraska head football coach/former Oregon State head football coach/former Linfield assistant football coach, talks about his mentors: Bear Bryant, Alabama (1971-1974), Ad Rutschman,Linfield (1977-1982) and John Robinson, USC (1993-1996).  Text about Coach Rutschman (who was head coach of Linfield football, 1968-1991) is below:


Linfield College (1977-82)

“Ad Rutschman was a teacher. He’s actually the best teacher of sports technique that I’ve ever been around. He taught guys how to play. I was an assistant for him in kind of three ways. When you’re at a small college, everybody wears a bunch of hats. He was the athletic director, the head football coach and the head baseball coach. So I did a lot of administrative stuff for him in the athletic director part of it, I was defensive coordinator for his football team and I was the JV baseball coach for his baseball program. So I got to basically follow him around and be with him all the time. I think the biggest thing I got from him is that he taught guys how to play. How to hit, how to field, how to pitch. It was how to drive-block, how to backpedal. He could teach it all. He was one guy in football that I’ve known that could coach any position. To this day, I admire that because there’s not many guys like that. I don’t claim to be that guy. I think it’s hard technically to be an expert at all that different stuff. He taught guys how to do things.”

Photo shows clipping from the World-Herald. Thanks to Gerry Painter, Wildcatville contributor, for providing the clip. 

To read the entire piece, go to this URL ...
... scroll down a bit and look for the Mike Riley mentors sidebar to an article about Paul Chryst, Wisconsin head football coach. Or, click on the photo above to make it larger and the sidebar easy to read.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Recalling Lawrence ‘Larry’ Wolfe, Linfield football and men’s basketball coach

Has a former Linfield head football coach ever coached against Linfield? Yes.

Lawrence "Larry" Wolfe (see photo) was Linfield head football coach 1926 and 1927 seasons. He had and 8-7-2 win-loss-tie record. In the 1926 season, Linfield beat Monmouth Normal (now WOU), 55-0.

Wolfe left Linfield and went to what is now WOU and coached it seven seasons (1928-1934) and had a 41-13-4 win-loss-tie record. In 1928 season, WOU beat Linfield, 29-0. WOU beat Linfield, 27-2, in 1931 season. The 1932 season saw WOU defeat Linfield, 12-0.

Wolfe was also head men's basketball coach at Linfield in the 1926 and 1927 seasons. At WOU, he coached men's basketball in the 1928 through 1934 seasons. Thus, he also coached WOU against Linfield in that sport.

--Photo of Coach Wolfe from the 1929 WOU The Norm yearbook.

Monday, March 09, 2015

John Sadowski as Waipahu Marauder, Linfield Wildcat

Before John Sadowski (Class of 1970) became a Linfield Wildcat, he was a Marauder from Waipahu, Hawaii, High School. 

--One photo shows some of the sport section front of Sunday's May 2, 1965, Honoululu Star-Bulletin and Advertiser. That's Waipahu's John on the left winning the state of Hawaii boys' prep 440-yard dash at 49.5 and, in the process, tying the state record. The state meet, where he won the event, was held in Iolani School in Honolulu. 

--From the 1965 Ka Mea Ohi yearbook of Waipahu High, see John breaking tape in winning the 440 in a track meet held at Waialua H.S. 

Both high school photos show John's greatest competitor in football and track, Bob Batie from Waialua. 

--And, from the 1967 Linfield Oak Leaves, Wildcats John (on the left) and Ray Taylor (Class of 1968) are shown in action versus PLU. Linfield won the game, 21-0, played Saturday, Oct. 21, 1966, on PLU's home field in Parkland, Wash. In this case the home field was at Franklin Pierce High School in Parkland, where PLU's campus is located in the Tacoma area).