Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Linfield vs. Humboldt State football series

Tomorrow (Nov. 1, 2017) the fate of Humboldt State University (Arcata, Calif.) football will be known. Will the Lumberjacks (a.k.a. “Jacks”) continue the sport or will it, because of a football induced HSU athletic department financial deficit, be axed. Stay tuned.

But, whatever the case, the eight games played between Linfield and Humboldt State are in the record book. Linfield won two of them. HSU won five and one game was a tie.

The first game in the series was Friday, Sept. 22, 1939, in Arcata, Calif. It was the season opener for both teams. Linfield head football coach was Wayne Harn. HSU won 12-7, according to Linfield and HSU football record books. However an Associated Press story (posted here) in the Sept. 23, 1939, Oregonian says the score was 13-7. But, the Nov. 13, 1939, Oregonian says it was 14-6.

The most recent game was Saturday afternoon, Sept. 15, 1978, in McMinnville. It was Linfield’s second game of the season, counting an alumni game. It was second game of the season for HSU, too. Ad Rutschman was Linfield head football coach. Linfield won, 35-21, according to a story (posted here) from the Sept. 16, 1978, Oregonian.

1939 Linfield lost 12-7
1946 Linfield lost 13-0
1949 Linfield won 22-7
1951 Tie, 20-20
1960 Linfield lost, 33-0
1965 Linfield lost,  20-14
1975 Linfield lost 24-3
1078 Linfield won 35-21