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More about McMinnville house at 436 SE Baker

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On Aug. 3, 2018, Linfielder Ruben Contreras Jr., commented at/about Mac News Facebook page Aug. 3, 2018 posting, "As I recall Dr. Northup came to the college c. 1890. He taught a course called Evidences of Christanity (among many others I'm sure.) At the end of the Evidences course his last assignment began with the question "do you believe it?" If so, he said "live it." 

He wore a couple different toupees, one apparently for more formal occasions. Somehow along the way he was referred to as "old baldy." He served both as McMinnville Mayor, and as an officer, I believe, at Oregon Mutual Insurance. Sadly the 1930s Northup Library building dedicated to this very historic college figure was renamed in recent years. 

The removal of Dr. Northup's name from the college's first stand-alone library building (previously it was housed in Pioneer Hall) was a very sad day for the college. His neice, Francis Northup, spent decades working at the Northup Library, retiring in recent years, I believe."

Before it was the Northup house at 436 SE Baker, it was apparently home of McMinnville College President  Rev. E.C. (Edward Coffin) Anderson (served 1881-1887, not to be confused with President Elam J. Anderson, served 1932-1938). Later, this was the home of Linfielders Roy D. "Hap" and Marian Mahaffey. He was the long-serving head of Linfield forensic program, including serving as Linfield speech team coach. He also headed the college's drama department. She was best known as long time owner/operator of Lon Dee Flowers, located 103 SE Baker, in a building which is now home of Hopscotch Toys.

More Mahaffey info here:

About the house at 436 SE Baker, McMinnville, the Historic Resource Survey City of McMinnville Yamhill County, Oregon said in 1980:

"This house is a large two and one-half story building of Italianate styling.  It is of wood frame construction with a concrete foundation.  The house is basically square with a medium pitched hipped roof with hipped dormers.  The cornice line is boxed with brackets.  The home is decorated by an open one-story porch in front, pilasters at the corners, and simple shelf cornices on the window moldings.  The front door is recessed into the house two feet; the walls of the recess feature Italianate panels.  There is a gabled one-story extension on the rear of the home which looks to be about the same age as the home itself.  It has irregular window bays on the northern elevation; windows are more regularly sized and spaced on the other sides.  The house is in need of some repair and is in fair condition.

"This house was the home of one of Linfield’s first presidents, Dr. Anderson.  Dean of the College, Emanuel Northup lived here in 1912.  The house was used for a fraternity house for a time.  The Roy Mahaffeys bought it from Linfield College around 1950.  According to Dr. Mahaffey, the basement, the back ell, and the third floor dormers were all added long after the house was built.  Dr. Mahaffey is a graduate and long-time professor at Linfield.

"One of McMinnville’s older historic resources, this home sits in a somewhat threatened position.  South Baker is a busy throughway, part of Highway 99W."