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Linfield Review story about Nov. 12, 2011, Mike Barrow Study Room dedication

Mike Barrow, a Linfield alumnus and Vietnam veteran was honored with a study room in Nicholson Library on Nov. 12. Throughout the ceremony, friends of Barrow, such as Brian Petterson (above), spoke of the huge impact Barrow had on him and Linfield. Joel Ray/Photo editor
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Linfield alum, veteran honored with study room
Posted Nov 14, 2011
By Kelsey Sutton

A Linfield alumnus and Vietnam veteran was honored for his life and accomplishments with a study room in Nicholson Library. Friends, family, college teammates and fellow alumni gathered to tell stories and remember Mike Barrow on Nov. 12 in the library.

Barrow graduated from Linfield in 1968 and entered the military in Vietnam, where he was killed during combat in 1969.

Barrow was described by his friends and family as an outgoing, competitive person and a “rascal.” He lettered in both football and baseball at Linfield, playing as a successful quarterback throughout his college years in 1963 through 1968.

Friends of Barrow stood up to speak about his memory and share anecdotes. His laughter and his big heart were frequently highlighted by his loved ones.

His sister, Mary Gail Barrow, told a story from their childhood about how his competitiveness went all the way back to grade school when they played softball at recess.

One friend, Brian Peterson, stood to speak of the great impact that Barrow’s friendship had on him. He showed his ring, which was inscribed with the words “Remember Mike.”

“He was a Delta, I was a Theta. You wouldn’t think that we would bond, but we did. I was a center, he was a quarterback. The bond’s still going on,” he said.

Tom Taylor, Barrow’s roommate in college, met Barrow outside of the spotlight and attention of sports.

“Mike had a zest for life that I haven’t seen since,” he said.

Pete Degenis, another close college friend of Barrow, was one of many who mentioned his large character despite his small stature.

Odis Avritt, a fellow Delta Psi Delta, spoke of Barrow’s leadership.

“Mike was kind of our leader. Everyone knows freshmen were hazed. So, as freshmen, we would go aside and figure out how we were going to get those older Deltas,” Avritt said.

Avritt talked about how he tried to talk Barrows out of going overseas. Barrows told him, “I’ve made my peace, and I will go and do what it is that I need to do.”
“He wasn’t very big, but he had the heart of a lion,” Avritt said.

Barrow met a girl in college, fell in love and proposed. Barrow left for war, but Janet Gerfen never stopped loving him, even after she went on to marry and have children.

Gerfen’s daughter, Stephanie Baird, spoke of her mother’s undying love for Barrow. "My mom wore Michael’s engagement ring on another finger until the day she passed away, three years ago.”

There are pictures and mementos in the study room in Nicholson Library. It is the hope of many that Linfield students will see the pictures and imagine what it was like to be a student at Linfield during another time. And of course, students will be able to see the great role model that Mike Barrow was.

In response to the Nov. 14, 2011, Linfield Reveiw article (above) about Mike Barrow ... this response from reader "Frances" is noted:

Posted November 14, 2011 at 2:03 PM

Mike was a very close family friend. We grew up with him attending his high school football games, and spent endless hours with Mike, Mary-Gail, and his younger brother, Gerald. He was fun, full of life, an outstanding athlete, and an overall wonderful friend. We were with his brother, at camp, when we were told of Mike’s death. We will never get over the impact of Vietnam had on all of us, as a result of Mike’s death. A life too young, too short…and too important to be taken so soon. He was 23.