Monday, October 10, 2005

Bill C story, scored 1 pt (PAT kick) in L career

Maybe HS and TRW bits? Roy H, too?

Chapter scanned from book

When lights when on, off and on again at MF

Maybe with a photo of current lights and photo of old lights?

Henry L story

Add photo of HL, PD and AR

Photo of L Ave sign, too

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Story of TPF?

If I wanted to add something to what I have already edited, this is what I could do.

Streak story from LAT

Quote from LAT story?

PD, person of many talents

List various talents

Helmet story

Add photo of HM holding helmets

Book chapter

SID list

PD last (and first?) kol?

Lites Mxwll

Hal S, chsbrg

Wm C, 1 pt PAT in career