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Biggest blown Linfield football leads

In the record book; three road games which were not kind to the Wildcats

The two biggest leads Linfield has blown in its football history were both against Californian Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, Calif., at Cal Luth’s Mt. Clef Stadium.

  • The first was at the end of the 1977 season. On Nov. 19, 1977, in the NAIA playoffs, Linfield lost, 29-28. In this game, Linfield’s biggest lead – in the second quarter -- was by 21 points when the score was 21-0. It also led by 21-3 and 28-10 scores.

  • The second was the 2010 season opener. In a non-conference game on Sept. 11, 2010, Linfield lost, 47-42. Linfield's biggest lead was 21 points at 28-7 with 5:23 left in the first half.

In summary, the Linfield Wildcats led the Cal Luth Kingsmen by at many as 21 points in their 1977 and 2010 games, but lost.

For the record, the third biggest blown lead for Linfield was in the Sept 29, 2007, Northwest Conference game in Salem, Ore., at Willamette. Linfield’s Wildcats lost, 33-32, to the Willamette Bearcats. In this game, Linfield’s biggest lead was by 19 points when the score was 19-0, at 14:40 in the second quarter after the Wildcats scored a touchdown but failed on a points-after-touchdown conversion run.

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Research work in progress,Linfield football blowouts

+ At CLU in 1977 Linfield led 21-0 (also 21-3 and 28-10)

+ The two biggest leads Linfield has blown in its football history were both against Cal Lutheran, 1977 and 2010.

+ Third biggest was 19 against Willamette in 2007.:::::


==Research needed on Linfield football BLOWN LEADS, not Blowout Losses.

==Notable blowout losses would be such as Linfield's 0-54 and 0-56 losses to George Fox and Pacific in 1896 or the 71-0 loss to Whitman in 1929.
==Dictionary definitions of blowout include:
(informal) an easy victory in a sporting contest or an election: they had lost seven
games—four by blowouts and three by slim margins.

==Three most notable blown leads include 21 points vs. Cal Lutheran in 2010,
21 vs. Cal Lutheran in 1977 – need to confirm this was the case, did Linfield have a 21 point lead in the 19777 game? -- and Linfield’s 19-point lead against Willamette in 2007.

==List below does not show how large the Linfield leads were. in 1977 CalLu game, list below shows Linfield leading by 18 at halftime and Linfield sports info advance on the Linfield at Cal Luth 2010 game said Linfield led 28-10 in third quarter (also 18), but the lead might have been 21-0 earlier in 1st half.

==List text on 2007 Willamette game never shows Linfield ahead by more than 13, but 2007 season review in 2008 football guide shows a 19 point lead in the second quarter.

==In the 2010 Linfield at Cal Luth game, Linfield led 28-7 in the second quarter.

==List includes some notable Linfield comebacks from deficits, but not the two largest: from down 27-9 (18 points) to winning 30-27 at Menlo in 2001 and the legendary rally against Northwestern of Iowa in 1984 NAIA final (down 22-0 late in the third quarter to winning 33-22).

Linfield football blowout losses as of 9/14/2010

Sept 11, 2010
Linfield at California Lutheran
Thousand Oaks, Calif., at CLU’s Mt. Clef Stadium
Halftime, Linf ahead 28-14
Linf outscored 33-14 in second half:
--outscored 9-0 in 3rd qtr
--outscored 24-14 in 4th
Final score, CLU 47-42
Sept 29, 2007
Linfield at Willamette
End of first quarter, Linf ahead 13-0
Second quarter, Linf outscored 20-9
Halftime, Linf ahead 22-20
Second half, Linf outscored 13-10
Final score, WU 33-32
Nov 20, 1993
Central Washington at Linfield
Halftime, Linf trailed 21-7
In second half, Linf outscored CWU 19-7
Final score, CWU 28, Linf 26
C 14 7 0 7 -28
L 0 7 6 13-26
In Sunday O 11/21/1993
Nov 6, 1993
Linfield at Willamette
Halftime, Linf trailed 21-7
In second half, Linf outscored WU 21-10
Final score, WU 31, Linf 28
L 0 7 14 7 – 28
W 6 15 3 7 – 31
In Sunday O 11/7/1993
Nov 11, 1989
Western Washington at Linfield
After 1 qtr, Linf led 14-7
Halftime, Linf led 24-14
Second half (all in 3rd qtr) WWU outscored Linf 13-0
Final score, WWU 27, Linf 24
W 7 7 13 0 – 27
L 14 10 0 0 – 24
In Sunday O 11/12/1989
Sept 17, 1983
Linfield at Southern Oregon, Ashland
Halftime, Linf led 13-7 at halftime
Game tied 21-21 after three qtrs
Final score, SOSC 38, Linf 29
L 7 6 8 8 – 29
S 0 7 14 17 – 38
In Sunday O 9/18/1983
Nov 19, 1977
Linfield at California Lutheran
Thousand Oaks, Calif., at CLU’s Mt. Clef Stadium, NAIA playoffs
Halftime, Linf led 21-3
Third qtr, Cal Luth outscored Linf 7-0
3th qtr., Cal Luth outscored Linf 19-7
Final score, Cal Luth 29, Linf 28
L 14 7 0 7 – 28
C 0 3 7 19 – 29

Linfield’s Larry Doty scored three first half touchdowns. Oregonian story says he left the game with a hip pointer midway through the 3rd quarter. At that point, the story said, Linfield had a 21-10 lead. Based on Oregonian story, the following has two errors… the game was Saturday Nov. 19, rather than Friday Nov. 18. Doty did play after halftime. However, he left the game in the third quarter due to a hip pointer, rather than due to a back injury. (Indeed, Larry may have left due to a back injury and says that. I’m just providing what the Oregonian reported.)
The Series Series tied 1-1…on Nov. 18, 1977, the Kingsmen won 29-28 in the NAIA playoffs at Thousand Oaks, Calif…Larry Doty scored three first-half touchdowns but sat out the second half with a back injury…the

Oct 24, 1953
Linfield at Southern Oregon, Ashland
Halftime, Linf led 7-0 and led 13-0 in 3rd qtr
Third qtr, S Oregon outscored Linf 14-6
Fourth qtr, both teams got TDs and PAT 1 pointers (scoring 7-7)
Final score, S Oregon 21-Linf 20
In Sunday O 11/25/1953
Oct 6, 1951
Linfield at College of Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho
C of I trailed 26-14 in the game
C of l trailed 7-0 after 1st qtr
Halftime: C of I led 14-13
C of I outscored Linf 13-6 in 4th qtr
Final score, C of I 27, Linf 26
In Sunday O 10/5/1951
Oct 22, 1949
Linfield at College of Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho
Halftime, C of I led 14-0
After 3 qtrs of play, C of I led 14-7
Final score, L&C 20, Linf 10
L 0 0 7 0 – 7
C 7 7 0 7 – 21
In Sunday O 10/23/1949

Friday, September 01, 2000

From the Boise State College "Arbiter" student newspaper in 1968

Friday, Sept. 20, 1968, 'Wildcats Set To Test Bronco Crunchability'

Friday, Sept. 27, 1968, 'Linfield Spoils BSC Opener'

On Saturday night, Sept. 21, 1968, before 6,300 fans in Boise State College Broncos' first football game as a four-year school (it has been a two-year junior college), the Linfield Wildcats won, 17-7. Boise State coached by Tony Knap and Linfield by Ad Rutschman. Both were in their first game coaching football at their respective colleges. The game was played in Boise State's (first) Bronco Stadium.

Aug 16, 2009, 'The Story Of A Bronco Legend' from

"Hal Zimmerman was their quarterback and he led a team that had no seniors against the strong NAIA Linfield team.  The very young Broncos lost the game at Bronco Stadium 21 to 7.  The offense struggled and many fans were concerned that the Broncos would have a losing season in their first year as a four year school...   Coach Knap went on to win eight games against two losses in his inaugural season as the Bronco coach including a big win over in-state rival Idaho State."

(BroncoCountry apologizing for BSC loss to Linifeld. Boise's team was "very young" and it played and lost to Linfield, "the strong NAIA team." For the first two years Boise was in four-year football it was an NAIA team, too, playing as an independent. BroncoCountry wrong about score:  17-7, not 21-7.)